AndJemz Technology provides the necessary skill sets to build all of the components needed for your computer and networking systems. We can provide consulting, and/or integration, product sourcing, outsourcing, and management. The following outlines some of our core skills sets: We provide ICT Services, messaging and collaboration services, sales of ICT products, consultation, installation, supply and repairs. IT project management, data recovery and business continuity planning, system integration export, provide open-source solution, information system security experts. Other activities includes;
Carrying of the business of installation of safety programme, hazard and risk management, risk assessment, internet networking connectivity, internet facility/equipment management VSAT installation, internet connectivity training, sale of computer and laptops.
We provide a complete range of information technology and training on management information system and services such as system audit and system. To engage in information system consultancy, human resources management, total quality management, financial consultancy, and to organize for recruiting and training institutes, workshops and seminars of all kinds.
We carry on the business of computer programming, development of software for schools, banks, organizations etc., internet services, sale and installation of computer accessories, software/hardware packages, bulk sms.
We engage in website design and management for both dynamic and static sites, website hosting, online data storage, ICT project implementation and management of wireless networking (microwaves), LAN & WAN network security and monitoring services, repair and maintenance of computer and accessories, installation of electrical gadgets, conduit and surface wiring, industrial and domestic wiring.
We carry on the business of general contractors and general merchants; to import, export, trade, market, buy, sell, manufacture and deal in all articles, substances, products, system and appliances that will enable it realize its set objectives or that is commonly or usually bought, sold, manufactured or dealt in by persons carrying on any of the business having objects similar to that of the company.